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The Crossings

A movement set  out into the world by Damaris Ferrer


The Crossings is a collaborative work like no other set into motion through the simple act of connecting to self and others. In this work, choreographer, Damaris Ferrer took a staged work and reimagined its function and purpose by eliminating the elements of performance and simply proposing a structure in which anyone can enter into.
The “structure” is simple, yet layered with metaphors and complexities as a massive red skirt, with eight holes (waistbands), was constructed to hold and tether together a group of movers. The act is to cross a bridge; what ever that may represent in any specific geographic location. The movers arrive, never having seen the skirt, and step in for The Crossings; an improvised action of listening, responding and getting everyone across, under, over and beyond, without the constructs of time or any responsibility to any element of performance.

The object (the skirt) was set off to travel in 2020 in a lone duffle bag that would do all of the traveling with the help of anyone willing to be part of an act of movement.


Since 2020, the bag has been passed from one community to the next, traveling by land, sea and air; spanning fifteen locations nationally and internationally. To follow this project visit, Movement Works fb page,The Crossings 2021 on instagram, or contact,


The Crossings locations....... so far


November 2020 – Davie, Florida (duration: 50 min)

January 2021 – Bogota, Colombia (duration: 1:45 min)

February 14 – Los Angeles, CA (duration 1:20 min)

March 6 – San Antonio, TX

March  28- Brownsville, TX (US-Mexico Border)

April 4 – Reynosa, Mexico

April 25– New York City

June - Workshop at Broward College, Davie FL

June - Freemont, CA

July – Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

August - Milan, Italy

September- Athens, Greece

October – Singapore


February - Taiwan

April - Taiwan

May Hong Kong

For more information or to sponsor a crossing, please contact:

Damaris Ferrer


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