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About The Artist

The evidence of my evolution is continuously materializing through works that express an on going artistic practice. The work I do is about movement in every sense of the word; what moves the body, how that drives ideas, how those ideas manifest in various forms, and how I guide others to find their own movement.


I describe myself as a multidisciplinary artist; one that carries movement information and codes, language-musings, and a visual output where movement and stories are captured and thoughts are held.

My experiences as a performer, teacher, choreographer, facilitator, director etc., can be looked at in a more linear (rigid and boring) way by looking at my CV.

This webpage serves as a  place where I can park my musings and allow for folks to visit my various worlds so we may enter into conversations or collaborations, or perhaps just as an inspiration to those who are not sure how to connect all the parts of themselves.

It all comes from you…….so do it all.



(Dancer, mentor, teacher, writer, choreographer, visual artist, researcher, gardener, bruja, mother, mover……)

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