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Moving Images

Reterming is a word I made up when I was working on the language that could best describe a process that would undo/unhinge something previously defined and fixed. It meant that I could change language's defining arrivals by pushing past those arrivals by way of understanding my world and physical self as always becoming. I use movement to enter into a state of play and discovery that helps me undo what is "fixed" within my movement/dance language allowing me to create from a place of infinite possibilities. My collage work, journaling, choreographic notes and doodles, became places to drop, hold, archive and expand the movement of ideas.

In time, my work with torn images expanded; giving me ways to create worlds, stories and to capture energies. The torn paper edges imply all that continues infinitely.
For more information on this work, on choreographic journaling, workshops, or to purchase prints, please email

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